for ACCELERATORS, Incubators and Ecosystems, Digital Startups AND Scaleups.

There’s a Japanese word for people who buy more books than they can actually read: Tsundoku (積ん読). And the definition of a Venture is “a daring journey or undertaking".

Our name, Tsundoku Ventures, is metaphoric for what we do: empower people throughout their entrepreneurial venture by connecting them with information, expertise and opportunity.

When you engage us, you engage a network of experts.




1:1 Matchmaking and Business Introductions

When talking with company founders about breakthrough events for themselves or their companies, it struck us how often they start their story by explaining how they accidentally met a person who was, looking back at the events that followed, the initiator or catalyst that lead to this breakthrough event.

It’s time to take “accidentally” out of the equation, and start a systematic approach to meeting such key people. We can help you with matchmaking-as-a-service, leading to a continuous flow of exploratory introductions between “doers”.

Innovators Club

Are you also tired of the very serious but boring meetups where you first have to listen to a salesy presentation, after which there is a walking dinner with sandwiches? Or noisy speed dating events that hardly ever lead to anything?

We want to re-introduce the Fun Factor. Fun and engaging events with small groups, focused on cross-industry innovation and business opportunity. For corporate innovators and technical founders of companies. No presentations or sales, only networking and fun. For people interacting with people in an extraordinary setting.



Ecosystem Exploration

Interested to get to know the European ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a specific (digital) domain, vertical or region? Let us take care of this.

Competitive Outside-In Analysis

The on-line digital footprint of your company creates a perception about your company. Let us have a look, outside-in, and compare with your competitors. Optional, this can be enriched with competitive intelligence.

Business Idea Sparring

Want to discuss a potential business idea, or need a critical listener to dry-run an important pitch?




Product Market Fit

You can only grow your company once you’ve reached a reasonable product market fit. Together with a group of seasoned experts, we can help reach this quicker in the following domains: fintech, regtech, cybersecurity, identity.

Business Model Innovation

Being able to quickly make small pivots on the business model is one of the biggest strengths of small companies, versus large incumbents who often need months or even years to react on trends. Maximize this benefit by continuously questioning your current business model. Let us challenge and inspire you!

Community Programs

The biggest and most successful companies thrive by being embedded in an engaged community of members, fans, ambassadors and partners. People do business with people, also in B2B. We have experience in building relevant community programs that offer value and delight to its participants.

Innovative Training Programs

Digitization is going at warp speed, and the skills required to participate in such a fast-evolving world are also changing quickly. For employees and entrepreneurs life-long learning is the new normal. Large enterprises are laying off people who don’t have the right digital skills, which is a huge opportunity for up- and cross-skilling. At the same time we notice that attention span is getting ever shorter and “traditional” and web-based trainings are getting less and less effective. We’ve built several innovative training programs for and in collaboration with partners and communities. The B-Hive Trusted Fintech Program is a great example (featured in Forbes).

Tech stack validation

For digital startups it’s extremely important to build their solution on top of a solid future-proof foundation. Metaphorically speaking you don’t want to have to change your foundation after the 50-storey building finished. A mistake startups often make is to continue developing on top of their prototype or MVP, and too late realize they miss key elements in their architecture to cope with business continuity, scale, cybersecurity and support. By the time a startups is getting market traction, it’s too late for a 2.0 makeover. We can help.



Scaling up and Internationalization

Once your startup has (almost) reached the organizational maturity needed to start scaling, you know the holiday is over. Now it comes down to processes, discipline, hard work and consistency while continuing to do everything you did before as well. We refer you to the best scale-up programs on the market to help you scale and internationalize.

Advisory Board

Best-in-class scale-ups have a great advisory board. We can help you with this.